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The finest rural golf course that Hertfordshire has to offer.
Come and play the course seven days a week.


18 Holes, 6802 Yards, White Tees Par 72, SSS 72,
Yellow Tees Par 72, SSS 70, Red Tees Par 72, SSS 71

Whitehill Golf Course has undulating well groomed fairways and greens with well placed ponds, bunkers and trees. At 6802 yards the Par 72 course provides a stern test for the low handicapper and an enjoyable game for the higher handicapper. Firm greens and well draining fairways provide golf 364 days a year, where the challenge changes with the seasons.

HOLE 1 – PAR 4

White Tee: 391 Yards
Yellow Tee: 386 Yards
Red Tee: 323 Yards

Out of bounds all down the right on this opening hole, drive across water.


HOLE 2 – PAR 4

White Tee: 426 Yards
Yellow Tee: 421 Yards
Red Tee: 351 Yards

Downhill all the way. Into the wind this hole can play very long.

Hole 2 Map

HOLE 3 – PAR 5

White Tee: 512 Yards
Yellow Tee: 501 Yards
Red Tee: 434 Yards

Beware out of bounds on the right, birdie chances galore on this 512 yard Par 5 hole.

Hole 3 Map

HOLE 4 – PAR 3

White Tee: 158 Yards
Yellow Tee: 148 Yards
Red Tee: 142 Yards

Downhill Par 3, bunkered left and right.

Hole 4 map

HOLE 5 – PAR 4

White Tee: 375 Yards
Yellow Tee: 368 Yards
Red Tee: 333 Yards

The largest putting green on the course. The choice of drive is the key, left to right away from fairway bunkers or right to left across out of bounds.

hole 5 map

HOLE 6 – PAR 5

White Tee: 544 Yards
Yellow Tee: 493 Yards
Red Tee: 440 Yards

Camel shaped Par 5 with two hills to cross before approach to a small green.

hole 6 map

HOLE 7 – PAR 4

White Tee: 401 Yards
Yellow Tee: 392 Yards
Red Tee: 331 Yards

At just over 400 yards this Par 4 will test your accuracy. Straight drive essential to leave an approach to a green protected by water on the left.

Hole 7 map

HOLE 8 – PAR 4

White Tee: 388 Yards
Yellow Tee: 377 Yards
Red Tee: 308 Yards

388 yard Par 4, the second stroke must not be too long.

Hole 8 map

HOLE 9 – PAR 3

White Tee: 170 Yards
Yellow Tee: 158 Yards
Red Tee: 126 Yards

Uphill Par 3. Play to the correct tier for a good birdie chance.

Hole 9 map

HOLE 10 – PAR 4

White Tee: 470 Yards
Yellow Tee: 459 Yards
Red Tee: 413 Yards

The longest and hardest Par 4. Out of bounds on the left. Only the longest of drives will allow visibility of the putting surface.

Hole 10 map

HOLE 11 – PAR 3

White Tee: 180 Yards
Yellow Tee: 168 Yards
Red Tee: 127 Yards

Par 3. Beware out of bounds on the left.

Hole 11 map

HOLE 12 – PAR 5

White Tee: 482 Yards
Yellow Tee: 473 Yards
Red Tee: 413 Yards

The shortest Par 5. A well positioned tee-shot is the key to this hole.

Hole 12 map

HOLE 13 – PAR 4

White Tee: 332 Yards
Yellow Tee: 317 Yards
Red Tee: 300 Yards

This short Par 4 demands good positional play to attack the pin with the approach shot.

hole 13 map

HOLE 14 – PAR 4

White Tee: 347 Yards
Yellow Tee: 337 Yards
Red Tee: 292 Yards

Par 4, drive to the left of the fairway bunkers to avoid your second stroke over water on this dog leg right hole.

hole 14 map

HOLE 15 – PAR 3

White Tee: 167 Yards
Yellow Tee: 158 Yards
Red Tee: 126 Yards

Par 3, 167 yards to a big green, club selection is the key, anything from a wood to a PW depending on the wind strength.

hole 15 map

HOLE 16 – PAR 4

White Tee: 428 Yards
Yellow Tee: 370 Yards
Red Tee: 322 Yards

Par 4, narrow landing area for the drive followed by an uphill 2nd shot to a green embedded in the hill.

hole 16 map

HOLE 17 – PAR 4

White Tee: 283 Yards
Yellow Tee: 272 Yards
Red Tee: 240 Yards

Do or Die! This short Par 4 tempts the drive for the green, which has a water hazard for protection.

hole 17 map

HOLE 18 – PAR 5

White Tee: 564 Yards
Yellow Tee: 473 Yards
Red Tee: 461 Yards

The longest Par 5 here, and uphill! The green is protected with 3 bunkers.

hole 18 map


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